• The University of Virginia Darden School of Business entrepreneurship courses include case-based, design-intensive and hands-on offerings taught by the nation’s top entrepreneurship faculty, as ranked by Princeton Review/Entrepreneur. Students who choose to concentrate in the area of entrepreneurship will graduate with a set of skills based on academic study and experiential work, which will give them the confidence to start new ventures.

    Our courses challenge students to think about how they can create value and build a productive business organization with available resources (e.g., intelligence, insight, energy, initiative and personal relationships). Entrepreneurship is highly consistent with Darden’s focus on “creating, leading and transforming businesses.”

    Please note that courses change each year.

    List of entrepreneurship and innovation strategy courses 

    Highlighted Course

    Corporate Innovation and the Design Experience

    This elective for Second-Year MBA students examines how design thinking and innovation principles can be used to enhance the value and accelerate the development of business opportunities. Students learn to apply design methodologies and innovation tools by working in teams. Students work closely with a client company with a real problem to solve. Using interdisciplinary tools and in a collaborative, hands-on environment, students explore the value of "design thinking" in its deeper and broader sense — as a fundamental source of value creation in business.

    Specific topics to be studied include:

    • Market-driven design 
    • Ethnographic research methods 
    • Idea generation 
    • Hypothesis development and testing 
    • Prototyping and experimentation 
    • Concept visualization
    • Business-model design

    This interdisciplinary course is taught by Professor Jeanne Liedtka, with guest teaching by expert practitioners in design thinking.

    Students tackle projects from companies such as Whirlpool, Marriott and Wrigley. As final projects for the course, students present their creative work to executives in these companies. The course is conducted in the new Innovation Lab (i.Lab) on Grounds, which allows for more flexibility and collaboration than traditional classroom settings.

    Corporate Innovation and the Design Experience Course Abstract