About the Center for Asset Management

  • Mission

    The Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management (CAM) advances the study and practice of asset management through top-quality research, regular conferences and activities, support for the students of Darden Capital Management (DCM) and the development of educational programs.


    CAM will become a global leader in the field of asset management by producing market-facing research and by preparing skilled future asset managers. CAM will serve as a hub of thought leadership and professional development for faculty, students, alumni and business practitioners in the field of asset management.

    CAM Advisory Group

    The CAM Advisory Group advises the dean on CAM objectives and activities and assists with generating support for CAM. Learn more about the CAM Advisory Group members here.


    The research center's activities include:

    • Publishing leading-edge research in top journals
    • Hosting highly regarded conferences, such as Darden's International Finance Conference and the University of Virginia Investing Conference (UVIC), which will take place 12-13 November 2015 and the Shanghai Investing Summit 8 May 2015.
      • The Darden Private Conference is also coming up on April 16-17, 2015:  Conference website HERE
    • Identifying best practices in asset management through research and interaction with practicing managers in the field
    • Developing asset management cases and other educational materials, to be published by Darden Business Publishing
    • Enhancing DCM, the student-run investment fun and creating new educational programs in the field of finance at Darden