Advisory Group

  • George Yiorgos Allayannis
    Allayannis is a specialist in all aspects of risk - a threat business people and investors must constantly weigh. He focuses on how to manage corporate risk and exchange-rate risk - the unanticipated change in value between currencies.

    Richard Evans
    Evans is the guru of investment decision. He explores risk taking on the part of mutual fund managers, the role of broker intermediation in mutual fund investing and the impact of commission bundling and other trading costs on portfolio performance.

    Pedro Matos
    Matos is an expert on the growing importance of institutional investors in financial markets across the world. He focuses on the development of the fund industry in different markets, as well as the impact of cross-border portfolio investments on asset prices and on the corporate governance of the firms in which they invest.

    Michael Schill
    Schill is an authority on price behavior in securities markets. His work explores market anomalies such as momentum, value effects, and deviations from interest rate parity. Recent research documents and interprets evidence of a strong asset growth effect in stock returns, with firm stock returns being negatively associated with past firm growth rates.

    Francis Warnock
    Warnock is an expert in international capital flows, international portfolio allocation and financial sector development.