Events & Programs

  • The Mayo Center events support the center’s mission by facilitating conversations between faculty and practitioners around issues of importance to asset managers.

    University of Virginia Investing Conference

    UVIC brings industry experts from around the world to inform participants on strategies regarding asset allocation, security selection and risk management.

    Academic & Practitioner Conference on Mutual Funds and ETFs

      Co-hosted by the Investment Company Institute and the Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. The two-day conference consisted of four panel discussions and four invited academic papers. Academic papers were presented by the author and have a practitioner discussant and an academic discussant. 

      ICI _ Mayo Center

      Roundtable Breakfast Series

      The Mayo Center hosts a quarterly roundtable breakfast series across the country for practicing asset managers, Darden alumni and friends of the Darden School. These roundtables encourage practicing managers to exchange ideas and compare strategies within an academic setting moderated by Darden faculty.

      Research Grant Program

      Each spring, the Mayo Center solicits grant proposals from UVA faculty members conducting rigorous and relevant research about asset management.