Global Consulting Project Client Information

  • Global Consulting Projects facilitate collaboration between Darden MBA students and organizations facing a pressing international business challenge. These challenges are current and relevant to the overall success and growth of the organization. Generally, they are non-recurring issues or projects that impact the organization.

    Darden students receive academic credit if chosen to consult with a client through a Global Consulting Project. Students are organized into small teams (two to four members) and work closely with Darden faculty to provide remote and/or virtual consulting to solve the client's current business challenge. Students are required to visit the client location in order to scope the issue, build on-the-ground knowledge, provide deliverables and discuss solutions with the client.

    Client Benefits

    • Gain a cost-efficient, realistic analysis or solution to a current business issue
    • Access to a team devoted and motivated to focus exclusively on one particular challenge
    • Benefit from outside and diverse perspectives examining the challenge from multiple angles
    • Develop relationships with future business leaders who are specifically interested in your industry, country and region
    • Opportunities to learn from the students as they learn from you, providing mutually beneficial collaboration and cross-cultural engagement
    • Results from a team that has been mentored by top Darden faculty

    Student Benefits

    • Gain additional experience solving real-world problems and enjoy the ability to affect real change
    • Hone international leadership and cross-cultural skill sets
    • Learn to navigate remote business relationships and to work on a virtual team
    • Work under the guidance of a client and a faculty member

    Client Testimonials

    • "Their [the consulting team] work will be a foundation for our efforts with [product] introduction into the Chinese market.”  - Fall 2014 Global Consulting Project Client based in the U.S.
    • “We are now starting a pilot with the suggestions done by the students to improve international recruitment.”  - Fall 2014 Global Consulting Project Client based in the Netherlands
    • “In our case, the students helped identify important information regarding raw material sourcing and developed a procurement and transportation model around this information. The process was centered around solid interviews, research, and data so the recommendations from it are very practical. This work laid down a good foundation for [our company] to further refine its supply chain system and saved the company a lot of time and energy during its very busy start-up stage."  - Fall 2014 Global Consulting Project Client, based in China and the U.S.
    • “The project, improving the UIGIC web page, will increase the UIGC visibility and accessibility by all customers.”  - Fall 2014 Global Consulting Project Client based in South Africa
    • "The Darden team gave valuable inputs toward a better implementation of the MOOCs project.” - Fall 2014 Global Consulting Project client based in the Philippines

    Project Proposal

    If your organization has a pressing global business challenge and you would like to work with a team of second year Darden students, please contact:

    Kate Beach
    Associate Director for Global Engagement
    Darden Center for Global Initiatives