International Partner Programs

  • Darden's Center for Global Initiatives (DCGI) designs and delivers International Partner Programs (IPPs) that bring students from partner institutions and educational leaders from around the world to Darden for a one- to two-week theme-based program, which includes courses taught by Darden faculty. Participants get to experience the Darden case method in the classroom and engage with the larger Darden community.

    Recent International Partner Programs

    • Executive MBA students from Insper, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, came to Darden for one week to learn about networks and the process by which domestic businesses become global. They also confronted the challenges of building networks across national boundaries.
    • DCGI hosted senior leaders from the University of Lagos (Unilag) Lagos, Nigeria, for a program that focused on the development of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) technology and strategic planning for the launch of a "Knowledge Hub" at Unilag. During the program Darden faculty facilitated a strategic planning effort, assisting the Unilag leadership team in designing their mission, strategy, goals and an action plan for the 201314 academic year. Charlottesville's local news station, NBC29, highlighted this program in their news coverage.
    • IAE is the Management and Business School of the Universidad Austral located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Last year IAE sent Executive MBA students to Darden for a one-week program to increase their knowledge in areas such as bargaining and negotiation, ethics and decision making. The group also traveled to Washington D.C. for company visits and class sessions.
    • The HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland, sent Master of Science and Executive MBA students on an IPP that centered around courses in marketing, general management and business ethics. The courses included case discussions and simulations, along with business visits to the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Brand Center, Profet and DuPont.


    Quotes from Insper program participants in 2014:

    • "It was an amazing experience to be at Darden, have the contact with this community and share the knowledge and culture between countries. I was impressed by the commitment, organization and warm reception we had. Thank you."
    • "Live and rich experience of learning, discussing and understanding business from the real world and university [perspective]."
    • “It's amazing how Darden's [professors] teach business with so much energy and enthusiasm!”

    Quotes from IAE program participants in 2014:

    • "Darden has a certain magic that made me remember that I just love studying!"
    • "This is a great way of bringing the world together, sharing experiences and networking."
    • "It was an excellent experience. I learned a lot. I shared a lot with people from different countries and I really enjoyed studying at Darden. I would do it again!"

    Quotes from CEIBS program participants in 2014:

    • "Darden is a wonderful school where students are truly cared for and inspired. It provides up-to-date cases and a friendly study environment. I had an unforgettable learning experience at Darden."
    • A great experience to open my view about entrepreneurial ecosystems in the U.S. All the faculty, students, and guest speakers were very friend to us and shared their points very sincerely."
    • "It was mind-blowing when the entrepreneur in the case appeared before us to lead the case analysis."