Globally Focused Courses at Darden

  • Approximately one-third of the students in the full-time MBA class are from outside of the United States, which means Darden’s classrooms in Charlottesville and around the world are full of diverse perspectives.

    Darden’s case study method allows students in every course to explore a particular topic through a global window. The core accounting and marketing courses include international content through case examples. There are numerous elective course opportunities for students to expand their global knowledge. Some of these options include:

    Strategic Thinking: Integrating East and West

    The purpose of this seminar is to help students develop an understanding of strategic concepts and foreign business models, think broadly about global enterprise and future development, and gain a global perspective that enables them to conduct business around the world. 

    Global Financial Markets

    This course focuses on developing technical skills that enable students to improve their understanding of global financial markets, including key drivers of movements in currency, interest rates and the institutions and players that impact the markets.

    Markets in Human Hope

    This course explores bold innovations in business and markets that promote human development and transform societies. Students will create products, services, business methods, financial instruments and/or market-based systems that address the socioeconomic and structural challenges faced by the underserved and disadvantaged. The course consists of one-on-one consultations, field work and class sessions.

    Management, Economic Growth and Society

    This course targets students who want to work around the world in highly globalized industries or in positions where they will be evaluating investment opportunities across a diverse set of countries. The course explores the relationship between global firms and economies. The focus is continued economic development working as a driving force in the international business environment.