Strategic Marketing Analytics: Leveraging Big Data

  • Traditional marketing takes a wide net approach to outreach, casting broadly with generic promises in unsegmented markets. But with big data available to modern businesses, savvy marketers can now create personalized, predictive outreach initiatives. Don’t let your inability to decipher big data keep you from doing the same. 

  • At a Glance

    Demystify marketing ROI and translate analytics into profitable action. In Strategic Marketing Analytics: Leveraging Big Data, you'll identify which types of data are most relevant to your business and learn how to locate and interpret them to make more valuable marketing investments.

    The Program

    Decipher big data so you can boost sales. You don't need complicated analytics software, just a proven process that lets you cut through the chatter and apply relevant findings across your organization. In this program, you'll work through case studies of flagship brands, including Samsung, Etch-A-Sketch and the Portland Trail Blazers, to make difficult, data-driven decisions under real-world restraints. You'll learn guidelines for marketing resource allocation, experiments that estimate marketing ROI, response models that predict consumer behavior and a chain of effects system that ties marketing campaigns to performance metrics. You'll play a simulation game to practice measuring the profitability of brands, customers, markets, media, channels and sales efforts, and you'll forecast which cross-functional resources you need to accelerate your goals. Under the guidance of faculty leaders in B2B and B2C marketing and advertising research, management and financial services, you'll build a personal action plan that rejuvenates your customer outreach, campaign strategies and your organization's ability to innovate and respond to market changes.

    Where You'll Excel

    • Explore the many possible applications for big data in your business, including customer segmentation by profitability.
    • Examine data-driven feedback loops that allow companies to respond to crises in real time and avoid market failure.
    • Track the effectiveness of current campaigns on sales, profits, customer acquisition, retention, and referral rates.
    • Conduct new-campaign risk assessments and plan for contingencies.
    • Practice balancing your intuition and managerial experience with data-driven decision-making.

    Schedule & Topics

    • Resource Allocation Framework
    • Measuring Marketing Assets: Brands and Customers
    • Marketing ROI: Tracking the Return of Your Marketing Dollars
    • Test and Learn: Designing Marketing Experiments
    • Optimal Pricing Strategy: Conjoint Analysis
    • Market Response Models
    • Sales Force Allocation Models
    • Designing Marketing Dashboards
    • Telling a Story
    • Feedback Loops


    You'll walk away from Strategic Marketing Analytics: Leveraging Big Data with:

    • Shareable knowledge of which data points matter and the equations to use them to boost sales and profits
    • The ability to measure the value of your brands and customers so you can allocate resources and unite business units through shared marketing goals
    • A customized chain of effects system that ties your company's performance metrics to marketing efforts
    • Response models that predict customer behavior
    • Test-and-learn experiments that give you and upper management the confidence to invest in marketing efforts with reasonable expectations of monetary outcomes
    • The insight to refine and differentiate your offerings, increasing emphasis on products and services that appeal to your most profitable customers


    This program is designed for leaders who must translate marketing data into action and profits, including small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to focus their marketing spend. It's useful for marketing, sales, brand and product managers, financial directors, and those who specialize in marketing analytics, information technology and business development.




    Raj Venkatesan

    Bank of America Research Professor of Business Administration
    Venkatesan is an award-winning researcher in the marketing field. Recognized as a top rising scholar in marketing and as one of "The World's 40 Best B-School Profs Under the Age of 40" by Poets & Quants, he has consulted with firms (e.g., IBM) in the technology, retailing and pharmaceutical industries on their marketing analytics initiatives.

    Paul Farris

    Landmark Communications Inc. Professor of Business Administration
    A retired first lieutenant of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Farris has years of industry experience in marketing management and advertising account management. His research focuses on marketing productivity and budgeting and has been featured in six books, including his award-winning Marketing Metrics: 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master.

    Thomas J. Steenburgh

    John L. Colley Research Associate Professor of Business Administration
    An expert in B2B marketing and sales, Steenburgh came to Darden in 2012 from Harvard Business School. His cases are used in business schools worldwide, and his research addresses questions that help managers measure the effectiveness of their sales and marketing strategies. He previously worked in marketing and operations at the Xerox Corporation.



    Ron Wilcox

    Ethyl Corporation Professor of Business Administration; Marketing Area Coordinator
    Named one of the "World's Best B-School Professors" by Poets & Quants in 2012, Wilcox has been teaching in Darden's Marketing area since 2001. A former economist for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Wilcox is known for his expertise in marketing financial services and its interface with public policy. His research has appeared in numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek and Forbes.