Strategic Marketing Management

  • It’s easier than ever to reach targeted customers, but many marketers lack the ability to create compelling brands and scalable practices with meaningful results. To realize the promise of big-data profits, marketing leaders need to claim their stake in an increasingly noisy brand landscape, track business goals against evolving analytics and deliver meaningful benefits to consumers who crave human connection first. 

  • At a Glance

    Develop a more profitable marketing plan and hit the ground running when you get back to work. Strategic Marketing Management is an immersion in the core principles of successful marketing. You'll uncover the winning formulas of market leading brands, learn how to use analytics to pinpoint your most profitable customers and package solutions that fulfill their unmet needs.

    The Program

    See your competitive landscape with new eyes. Led by practicing consultants and research professors, this course asks you to conduct competitor analyses before building a customized plan for your organization and the managerial skills to enact it. You'll study cases of heritage brands, uncovering what ideas stick and why. A special role-playing simulation will allow you to test your brand concept as you prepare, with assigned accountability and functions, to attend a Task Force Meeting and present your position. Another hands-on workshop will show you how to mine data-driven metrics for marketing ROI and unique consumer preferences and buying behavior.

    Where You'll Excel

    • Hone your ability to identify consumers' true values and showcase standout benefits in an increasingly complex marketplace.
    • Discover how teams tap into emergent networks of influence to pique client and customer appetites.
    • Study classic and innovative strategies for building enduring brands.
    • Refresh your understanding of analytics and the ROIs of marketing.

    Schedule & Topics

    • Applying Customer Lifetime Value to Strategy Formulation
    • Being Market Focused
    • Brand Evolution: Building, Monitoring and Using Brand Equity
    • Customer and Competitor Analysis
    • Designing and Managing Channels
    • Positioning and Value Creation
    • Product Life Cycle and Marketing Evolution
    • Product Portfolio Analysis
    • Segmentation and Targeting
    • The Marketing Value Proposition
    • Taking It Home: Your Action Plan


    You'll walk away from Strategic Marketing Management with:

    • A common language and context for marketing discussions with management, internal strategists and partner firms
    • Hands-on experience using marketing metrics to interpret consumer behavior and adapt your strategy accordingly
    • A marketing strategy toolkit
    • A renewed sense of your brand's meaning and purpose
    • Out-of-the-box techniques for attracting the right customers and nurturing those relationships


    This program is designed for mid- and upper-level marketing executives, as well as business development, account, channel and senior product/brand managers. The material applies to B2B and B2C industries as well as the nonprofit sector.




    Robert E. Spekman

    Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration
    An internationally recognized authority on business-to-business marketing, supply chain management and strategic alliances, Spekman has published extensively in these areas, including seven books and numerous articles and case studies. In addition to teaching for nearly 40 years, he has consulted for many businesses on marketing topics, with an express interest in "messy" problems that cross business functions.

    Marian Chapman Moore

    Professor of Business Administration
    The founding associate dean and designer of the MBA for Executives format of Darden's MBA program, Moore has conducted pioneering marketing strategy research on consumers' emotional responses to advertising and marketing managers' strategic decision-making processes. She consults with major law firms, providing expert testimony in cases involving marketing-related issues, such as brand infringement, brand meaning, dilution and competitive activity.



    Rajkumar Venkatesan

    Bank of America Research Associate Professor of Business Administration
    Venkatesan is an award-winning researcher in the marketing field. Recognized as a top rising scholar in marketing and as one of the best 40 business professors under 40 worldwide, he has consulted with firms (e.g., IBM) in the technology, retailing and pharmaceutical industries on their marketing analytics initiatives.

    Location & Accommodations

    Darden School of Business
    Charlottesville, Virginia

    As a participant, you'll stay in a private room at the  Inn at Darden, our highly rated hotel adjacent to the classroom buildings and dining center. Accommodations are included in your tuition.

    Tuition & Certificates

    $7,750 covers materials, meals and accommodations at the  Inn at Darden.

    By taking this course, you will earn one week of credit toward a  Certificate of Specialization.