Strategic Sales Management - D.C. Area Course

  • Most sales managers plan effective customer outreach and do their best to rally passion among their teams. The most successful also act as development partners for their organizations, aligning on-the-ground habits of team members with high-level, long-view strategy.

  • At a Glance

    Exceed your targets, foster long-term growth and increase your bottom line when you create customized sales goals in sync with long-term corporate strategy. In Strategic Sales Management, you'll learn how to maximize existing resources, identify and attract your most profitable customers, and track your progress against internal and competitor benchmarks to improve your process over time.

    The Program

    Expand your awareness of the many ways sales can accelerate your business when you analyze big-picture strategy for its practical components. You'll learn how to bridge the gap between corporate revenue targets and actionable initiatives for your sales team. You'll examine your ideal customers for missed opportunities and learn how to use analytics to provide a more satisfying customer experience. You'll share your sales pitches, pipelines and motivational tactics with experts in the field, who will provide individual feedback to sharpen them and help you define the most effective practices for your sales force.

    Where You'll Excel

    • Pinpoint the impact of your sales team's activities on your organization's go-to-market strategies and brainstorm ways to improve it.
    • Learn how to sell what your customers actually want while energizing corporate support for your sales force.
    • Choose the right metrics to track your sales efforts and provide clear guidance to higher profits.
    • Explore the intersection of sales, marketing and new technologies to eliminate duplication of efforts and supercharge customer outreach.   

    Schedule & Topics

    • Aligning Sales Strategies With Corporate Revenue Targets
    • Developing Profitable Customer Relationships
    • Strategic Account Management
    • Designing Solutions for Enterprise Customers
    • Motivating the Sales Force
    • Understanding the Major Accounts Buying Process
    • Developing Metrics and Tracking Sales Performance
    • Pipeline Management
    • Integrating Sales and Marketing


    You'll walk away from Strategic Sales Management with:

    • The best sales management strategy for your organization, as chosen by you from best-in-class standards outlined by industry experts
    • A customized Customer Value Proposition around which you can align your sales team and corporate strategists
    • New ways to nurture existing customers and guarantee long-term growth
    • Techniques to motivate your team members that capitalize on your natural strengths
    • Account management benchmarks that build more profitable customer relationships and support your organization's long-term strategy


    This program is designed for sales managers who want establish winning ground rules for profitable strategy, as well as experienced leaders looking to fast-track their sales careers. It also speaks to small business owners that need to expand or streamline their paths to profit and executives who support or rely on sales managers to meet their revenue goals.


    Michael Ahearne

    Bauer Professor of Marketing and Executive Director of the Sales Excellence Institute - University of Houston
    Ahearne is a world-renowned authority in the area of B2B sales force research. He heads the Sales Excellence Institute, which is a leading organization in sales education and research. His book, Selling Today: Partnering to Create Customer Value, is the highest grossing professional selling text in the world, with copies distributed in more than 40 countries. He worked for Eli Lilly and Co. in sales operations/market research and pitched for the Montreal Expos in a previous life.

    Neil Rackham

    Rackham has built a strong international reputation in the global business community as a speaker, writer and seminal thinker on sales force effectiveness. Three of his books have appeared on The New York Times best-seller list, and his works are translated into more than 50 languages. His classic book SPIN Selling is widely credited with starting the consultative selling movement. He has been chair and CEO of three international research and consulting firms, including Huthwaite, which he founded. He is visiting professor at three universities, and his present research looks at the integration of sales and marketing and at emerging issues in large complex sales.



    Robert E. Spekman

    Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration
    An internationally recognized authority on B2B marketing, supply chain management and strategic alliances, Spekman has published extensively in these areas, including seven books and numerous articles and case studies. In addition to teaching for nearly 40 years, he has consulted for many businesses on marketing topics, with an express interest in "messy" problems that cross business functions.

    Thomas J. Steenburgh

    John L. Colley Research Associate Professor of Business Administration
    An expert in B2B marketing and sales, Steenburgh came to Darden in 2012 from Harvard Business School, where he chaired the B2B Marketing Strategy executive education program. His cases are used in business schools worldwide, and his research addresses questions that help managers measure the effectiveness of their sales and marketing strategies. He previously worked in marketing and operations at the Xerox Corporation.

    Location & Accommodations

    This program will take place in Washington, D.C. 

    Please note that accommodations are not included in the program tuition.

    Tuition & Certificates

    $4,900 covers materials and some meals. Accommodations are the responsibility of each participant.

    By taking this course, you will earn one week of credit toward a  Certificate of Specialization.