CORE Seminars

  • The Colloquium on Organizational Research Excellence seminar series — held at the Darden School of Business and the McIntire School of Commerce — showcases cutting edge research from multiple disciplines that directly informs managerial action and organizational performance. 

    Please contact Karen Morris at or +1-434-924-7340 if you have questions. 

    Here's a look at some of our spring 2015 seminars:

    Friday, 17 April

    McIntire School

    Rouss Hall 403

    12:30 – 1:45 pm

    Glenn R. Carroll, Stanford University, Stanford Graduate School of Business

    "Authenticity: Attribution, Value, and Meaning"

    Friday, 27 March

    McIntire School

    Rouss & Robertson Halls 227

    12:30-1:45 pm

    Linda Argote, Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business

    "The Effects of Network Structure and Turnover on Team Processes and Performance: An Experimental Investigation"


    Host: David Lehman

    Friday, 20 February 

    Jim Detert, Cornell University, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management 

    "Workplace Courage: Good Stories and Good Social Science Construct?"



    Host: Scott Snell 

    Here's a look at some of our 2014 seminars: 

    Friday, 26 September 

    David Mayer, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business 

    "Do We Want Business Leaders to be Ethical?" 



    Host: Bobby Parmar 

    Friday, 21 November 

    Martine Haas, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School 

    "Which Problems to Solve?" 



    Host: Melissa Thomas-Hunt