• As a student in Darden’s Global Executive MBA program, you won’t wait until graduation to apply concepts and ideas from class to your job — you will do so from the earliest days in the program and throughout the 21-month program.

    As our students remind us, the saying about “learn it on Saturday, apply it on Monday” rings true and translates into an immediate return on investment for you and your employer.

    By learning in real time, you witness your own evolution from a good manager to a great leader. Week by week, the new ideas, perspectives and approaches you learn can be applied immediately in the workplace. Specific challenges you confront on the job will often serve as the basis for classroom discussions and assignments and experiences of your professors and fellow classmates can provide solutions.

    Videos: Global Executive MBA Return on Investment

    Darden's Global Executive MBA: The International Residency

    For students who currently do business with international offices and markets, spending time abroad can be particularly valuable. In the following video, Dan Baker (GEMBA Class of 2014) describes how he was able to connect with colleagues at local offices in Sao Paulo and plans to do the same during the China, India and Europe residencies. He also notes that students who do not currently do business in the residency locations also benefit by learning about the local markets, exploring business opportunities, and expanding their global networks.

    Enterprise Perspective in Darden's Global Executive MBA

    Aaron Fernstrom (GEMBA Class of 2015) discusses how Darden's GEMBA curriculum was immediately applicable in his role as a venture capitalist.