Tuition & Fees

  • Total tuition and fees for students entering in the fall of 2015 are as follows (please note these are the aggregate charges, first and second year combined):

    Domestic Students
    (Virginia & Non-Virginia Residents)
    International Students
    $149,300 $149,500

    The total tuition and fees are billed incrementally over the semesters of the program. The total bill is composed of the following charges:

    Tuition $102,000
    Darden & University Fees* $18,700
    Fees for Books, Meals, Lodging and Transportation $28,600
    Total $149,300

    *International Students will be charged an additional $200 in the International Students Fee.

    The fees cover all direct costs of the program including books, cases, lodging and some meals while in residency. Travel to and from the residencies in Charlottesville and the international locations, airfare, visa and some meals while traveling internationally are not covered by the fees. Admitted students can find a detailed schedule of due dates in their admitted student portal.

    Fees covering students' books, meals, lodging and transportation costs are not covered under the Post-9/11 GI Bill tuition and fees benefit and may not be covered by some employer sponsored education benefits. Recipients of the Post-9/11 GI Bill may use their monthly housing allowance and annual books and supplies stipend to cover these fees. Students receiving employer education benefits should check with their employer to determine the benefits they may be entitled to receive.