U.S. Residency #1

  • US Residency 1 Saunders HallThe first Global MBA for Executives residency takes place at the Darden School of Business in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. During the residency, you’ll meet your GEMBA classmates, professors and staff, and you’ll become immersed in the GEMBA curriculum.


    During Term 1, the courses listed below are taught by Darden faculty. You will learn the fundamentals of leading a global enterprise, explore perspectives required for success in multinational environments and be introduced to the global market fundamentals of capital, products, currency and leadership.

    • Decision Analysis
    • Global Leadership Explorations
    • Leading Global Enterprises
    • Managing Global Processes
    • Understanding Global Markets

    A typical residency day includes three case method classes (some of which are taught by multiple faculty during a single class session — watch this Darden Team Teaching video to learn more) and learning team meetings in the evening. Throughout the residency, you will also participate in global leadership exploration engagements (examples outlined below) that are closely linked to your coursework.

    Residency Highlights

    Please note the following activities are a sample of the residency engagements and are subject to change each year.


    • A technology leader and entrepreneur in the manufacturing of thin-wall plastic liners joins in a live GEMBA class discussion of the case study surrounding his global enterprise.
    • A current member of the Darden Foundation Board of Trustees speaks on the creation of a global firm.

    Company Visits

    Other Engagements

    • US Residency 1 GEMBA Students on UVA Grounds 2Introduction to the legacy of Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States and founder of the University of Virginia. With guidance from experts on Jefferson, you will learn about his home (Monticello), his legacy (the historic Rotunda and the University of Virginia Lawn, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and his educational philosophy, which will inform your learning experience in the GEMBA program.
    • Leadership 360: You will take a global leadership 360 instrument to provide you with a starting platform for building leadership capabilities.

    Accommodations in the U.S.

    Charlottesville: Inn at Darden (located on the Darden Grounds)