Research & Relevance: Richard Brownlee

Professor Richard Brownlee talks about the role of business in a changing world. As sustainability becomes more embedded in our culture, businesses must learn to operate in an integrated fashion. With multiple stakeholders, businesses are expected to do more than make profits.
Research & Relevance: Ed Davis PLAY VIDEO

Research & Relevance: Ed Davis

Professor Ed Davis discusses his research on humanitarian disaster response and supply chain management. He sees the need for improved coordination of relief efforts from all sectors. He has worked with practitioners and businesses to help them formulate new ideas for solving problems.

Research & Relevance: Ed Freeman PLAY VIDEO

Research & Relevance: Ed Freeman

Professor R. Edward Freeman talks about how we need to see business as a societal and human institution. He and others around the world have been crafting a new narrative for business through Stakeholder Theory. He is now looking at applying the theory to accounting, finance and other areas in business administration.

Research & Relevance: Frank Warnock PLAY VIDEO

Research & Relevance: Frank Warnock

The Paul M. Hammaker Professor of Business Administration, Warnock teaches his students to use market-based solutions to solve societal issues. Some examples include mobile banking solutions in rural areas, micro-loans and working with governments to improve housing finance.

Research & Relevance: Greg Fairchild PLAY VIDEO

Research & Relevance: Greg Fairchild

Associate Professor Greg Fairchild talks about how business can add value in underserved populations. Two areas he has researched include using entrepreneurship education to help veterans and the effect of financial independence on domestic violence.

Research & Relevance: Mary Margaret Frank PLAY VIDEO

Research & Relevance: Mary Margaret Frank

Associate Professor Mary Margaret Frank discusses how business creates value for society and how society enables business to create value. She believes business and government can work together to solve societal problems. MBA students should be taught to succeed not only in business, but in society as well.

Research & Relevance: Peter Rodriguez PLAY VIDEO

Research & Relevance: Peter Rodriguez

Senior Associate Dean Peter Rodriguez discusses how business is embedded in the world around us. From his research of corruption in business, he believes that business leaders should follow the Hippocratic Oath to “first, do no harm."