• "Exploring how the unique characteristics of China influence the conduct of business by both Chinese and non-Chinese enterprises"

    What will students gain from this program?

    Students will gain an up-close and detailed exposure to Chinese culture and business practice; witness how individuals and enterprises innovate to generate competitive advantages that leverage the unique characteristics of a country; and develop a strong appreciation for the need to acknowledge, understand and embrace cultural differences.

    Academic Program Overview

    Prior to Trip

    The academic structure of the program will include a group project prior to departure that will provide background understanding of China that can be leveraged into rich learning experiences during the China residency.

    Possible Trip Events

    • Business Meetings: Baido, US Importer, Manufacturer, Real Estate Developer, Arts Enterprise
    • Networking Opportunities: Shanghai Investing Summit, interaction with GEMBA cohort, reception with Darden alumni, interaction with CEIBS students
    • Cultural Experiences: Chinese Acrobats, Canal Town Visit, Chinese Gardens, City Planning Museum, Organized Dinners
    • Exploratory Activities: City Walk, Local Dining Reviews


    After the trip, students will provide a final summary presentation which will be shared with other students.

    Faculty Lead

    Marc Lipson


    Arrive: 12 May 2016

    Depart: 20 May 2016

    Host Institution

    China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

    Logistical Partner


    What have students said about the program?

    "The Shanghai GBE provided an exceptional view of the Chinese business environment and how it intersects with culture and government. We were afforded exclusive opportunities to meet with top management teams of banks, media groups, development companies and start-ups. The insights I gained on this trip will certainly serve me well as a future manager in a global context."

    "The China GBE allowed me not only to learn so much about the Chinese power house, but also to establish some important connections with Darden alumni, CEIBS students and speakers that I'd had never be able to do so by myself."