• Immersed in India

    In January, Darden students traveled to India to study the roles of data science, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation in the country's economy.

    New Professorships for Faculty

    Darden announces the appointment of six faculty members to endowed professorship chair positions, including two appointed to professional chairs without term.

    The ‘Locust’ Myth

    Professor Pedro Matos' research breaks down the myth that foreign investors often act as "locusts" plaguing local companies and economies.

    From China to Darden

    Second Year student Sophie Xiong shares how she chose to leave China in order to pursue her MBA at Darden, and what she's learned in the process.

    Q&A With Joey Burton

    The Darden Institute for Business in Society's new executive director shares what drew him to the School and how the Institute can help improve public perceptions of the role of business in society.