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Request MBA Credit for Non-Darden Course


For a non-Darden course to qualify for MBA credit, it must:  

  1. Be a graduate-level offering
  2. Relate to or enhance the MBA degree

Degree credit will be given for no more than 6 credit hours outside the Darden School.


Registering to take a non-Darden course for MBA credit requires the completion of three steps:

  1. Get approval from the MBA Program Committee that the course you want to take will count toward your required MBA elective credit hours by completing the Request MBA Credit for Non-Darden Course Form and submitting it as an attachment to the Darden Registrar
  2. Complete the necessary paperwork for permission to take the course from the School in which the course is offered
  3. Submit the completed UVA Course Action Form to the Darden Registrar's office, 112 B Saunders Hall

More Detail:

STEP 1: If the course you wish to take is not on the pre-approved list below, you may petition the MBA Program Committee to have the course approved for you personally. Approval will hinge upon the relevance of the course material to the MBA degree based on your career plans and professional interests. To seek approval, complete and submit the form by emailing it as an attachment to the Darden Registrar. If permission is granted, the form will be processed and you will be notified. If permission is denied, the form will be returned to you with an explanation.

STEP 2: The process by which Schools allow you to register in their courses varies within the University. To find out what you need to do to register for a particular course, contact the School in which the course is offered. The process will most likely require going to the School in person and completing forms.

STEP 3: To complete this step, you will need to obtain, complete, and return a UVA Course Action Form to the Darden Registrar's office in 112 B Saunders Hall. 

Pre-Approved Courses:
The following non-Darden courses have been pre-approved by the MBA Program Committee as counting toward MBA credit for Darden students. (Exception: Dual Degree students - see course rules.) Students wishing to take either of these courses may skip Step 1 above, but must still complete Steps 2 and 3.

  • LAW 8658 Real Estate Transactions (3 credit hours - Law)
  • SARC 5500-001 Special Topics: Water Sustainability (3 credit hours - Architecture)


  • Darden students cannot receive degree credit for Pass/Fail and/or Credit/No Credit courses.
  • The School that offers the course determines the grading symbols that will be assigned to students. Darden grade symbols are different from those used at other Schools.
  • Students cannot graduate with an incomplete or missing grade. Spring Law School grades are normally not posted until mid-to-late June. See the Darden Registrar for more details.

Questions? E-mail dardenregistrar@darden.virginia.edu.

Request Course Credit-Hour Overload

In rare, special circumstances, it may be possible to take more than 30.0 credit hours. It is our experience that students taking an overload have difficulty finding the time and energy required to reap the full benefit of the second-year program. However, there are situations in which a student's career plans make taking an overload desirable. Therefore, permission to take an overload may be granted on a limited basis to students with both compelling career-oriented reasons and the demonstrated ability to handle a heavier-than-recommended workload.


To request permission to take more than your current maximum credit hours of elective course work, complete and submit the Request Course Credit-Hour Overload Form.  The Darden Registrar will notify you of the decision.


  • The earliest a student can submit the Course Credit-Hour Overload Request form is 8:00 a.m. on the first day of classes for that particular quarter. Requests submitted before that date and time will not be considered.
  • The latest a student can submit the Course Credit-Hour Overload Request form is 4:30 p.m. on the day of the drop/add deadline.
  • Students who wish to request a Course Credit-Hour Overload for a January or March one-week course can do so the day after the drop/add deadline for the one-week course.
  • Students will be enrolled based on the time and date on the request.
  • Students must specify what course they wish to take as an overload.
  • Students are expected to attend the course they wish to take as an overload.
  • Students will be manually enrolled in the overload course the day after the drop/add deadline for that particular quarter if there is capacity and will be notified when they have been added.
  • The student cannot submit a request for a credit overload if the course creates a schedule conflict.
  • Student requests for more than 31.5 credits will be considered after those requests have been satisfied for that particular course.
  • If there are more students that want to take the course as an overload than there is capacity, the students will be enrolled based on the time and date of the submission.
  • Students under the jurisdiction of the Academic Standards Committee (ASC) are not approved for overloads.
  • Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 30 SY credit hours in order to request an overload.

Questions? E-mail dardenregistrar@darden.virginia.edu.

Add a Darden Independent Study

A Darden Independent Study is a course of faculty-supervised study for students with special interests that are not included in the normal course offerings. As the name of the course suggests, the course normally consists of independent study conducted by students under the supervision of a Darden faculty member. As with all Darden electives, evaluation of student performance is expected to be based on written evidence of individual student accomplishments.


To request permission to take a Darden Independent Study, complete the Darden Independent Study Form and submit it as an email attachment to the MBA Policy Committee. You will be notified of an approval or rejection.

Questions? E-mail dardenregistrar@darden.virginia.edu.

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