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Military at Darden

Diversity is enhanced by the past and present military personnel who choose the Darden experience. “We actively seek excellent students from the ranks of the military,” Dean Robert F. Bruner writes in his blog post Generosity and Veteran’s Day. Students with a military background bring a unique measure of leadership, discipline, decision making, teamwork and ethical analysis to our classrooms.  

Indeed, active, reserve and retired military leaders are a valuable part of our full-time MBA, MBA for Executives and Executive Education programs:  

  • Full-Time MBA: One in 10 Full-Time MBA students is a military veteran. Military MBA named Darden one of the top 20 “Best Value MBA Schools for Veterans Using the New GI Bill.” Our curriculum includes leadership courses specifically designed for active reservists and former military. For additional information about military resources and scholarships, visit MBA Military and Veterans Benefits.
  • MBA for Executives & Global MBA for Executives: Past and present military participants earn an executive-format MBA and combine collaborative residency experiences with distance learning that is particularly well-suited for past and present military participants.  
  • Executive Education: Our open-enrollment participants often include active military personnel. We also design custom programs to serve particular groups from each branch of the service, including the Navy Business Resources Management Program; the Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellows Program — Back to Business: An Introduction to the Concepts and Issues Facing Contemporary American Corporations; Defense Leaders Advanced Management Program (in conjunction with the Brookings Institution); and the Air Force Enterprise Leadership Seminar. 

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