About Darden

Darden Business Perspective

Our work as educators and thought leaders is driven by our view of business and leadership. We do not let momentary fads divert us from these fundamental principles.


Business needs to not only create and sustain value for the firm and its investors but also for customers, suppliers, employees and the society within which it operates. At Darden, our mission is to improve the world by developing and inspiring responsible leaders and by advancing knowledge. We believe that business is, at its essence, a human enterprise. Great leaders reshape their world and themselves to create value in new ways. Our educational approach ensures that our graduates are well-rounded, collaborative, complete leaders who bring the capabilities to succeed in this world:

  • A strong grounding in functional expertise  the building blocks of business
  • A practical, real-world understanding of business issues and problems
  • Decision-making skills oriented toward action
  • Sound business judgment
  • A learning mindset, curiosity and a commitment to growth
  • Personal integrity and human engagement

Business is increasingly complex, so successful leaders must plan and act in the context of the broader society in which they operate. This requires the ability to address issues that cross functional boundaries. Our programs emphasize:

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