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Our School's Sustainability Vision

In 2008, Darden established its sustainability vision: to be a top ten business school for teaching and research on sustainability by 2013 and a zero waste, carbon neutral enterprise by 2020. Darden has earned several rankings related to our progress in sustainability teaching and research, and we have made great progress on our goal to becoming a zero waste, carbon neutral enterprise.

We think about sustainability in terms of How We Live and How We Learn, bringing together academic learning and facilities changes for sustainability whenever possible. This integrated approach creates a sustainability MBA community focused on using the power of business to create a better world. Darden students have initiated many actions related to achieving our goals, including:

  • Conducting a waste audit to identify waste mitigation opportunities. Watch this video to learn more.
  • Holding a highly popular student case competition on how to achieve zero waste First Coffee.
  • Convening the annual Business in Society Conference open to Darden and to our external communities.  

Darden students' efforts on energy efficiency and waste reduction strategies have helped us reduce our carbon footprint by 20% and waste to landfill by 59% relative to our 2007 baseline, even as our programs expand. Efforts small and large enhance Darden’s learning environment and engage our community.

We look forward to being transparent about our progress, and sharing best practices with our academic and corporate partners.  

Erika Herz
Associate Director of Sustainability Programs at Darden 

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Sustainability Curriculum

Darden offers 17 elective courses that solely or partially focus on sustainability and ethical leadership/decision-making. Coursework includes tools essential for developing a successful sustainability strategy such as stakeholder engagement and systems thinking. In addition, Darden includes topics on sustainability throughout its First Year core curriculum.

You can read more about the Innovation for Sustainability concentration or simply view the following video on the sustainability curriculum:



For more videos on Darden's sustainability curriculum, explore the links below:

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