Questions to ask Recruiters

The ACS Career Corner blog entitled  “When an Executive Recruiter Calls…..”  describes how to successfully engage with executive recruiters.  

Here are some of questions to guide your conversations with recruiters.  

Establishing a recruiter’s credibility:

  • Do you have an exclusive agreement to represent this client (the hiring organization)?
  • Is this search being done on a contingency fee or retained basis?
  • How long has your firm been in existence? How large are the operations?
  • Do you (or your search firm) specialize in any particular industry or functions?
  • What have been some of your recent searches? How have they worked out?

About the job in question:

  • What can you tell me about the hiring company?
  • Why is this position open?  How long has the job been open?
  • Can you provide a detailed job description for the position?
  • Where is the job located?
  • What are the main qualifications your client is looking for in a candidate?
  • What is the compensation package for this position?

If the job is of interest and you agree to be considered as a candidate:

  • Given my qualifications, do you think I’m a viable candidate?
  • What can I expect from the selection process?
  • Will I be notified before you present me to your client as a candidate?
  • Will my interest in this job preclude my candidacy for any of your firm’s other searches?

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