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Welcome to The Armstrong Center for Alumni Career Services' (ACS) website. The resources provided cover all aspects of the job search process. The diagram above represents the sequential nature of the process. You can hover over each circle for more information and click on the circle to go directly to that segment of the site for tips and examples. ACS counselors are available to assist you in this process. Contact us for more information.

Finding the right job takes work. But where do you start? Here we suggest a process to follow: Think of this as a marketing campaign of a wonderful product  YOU! Rather than start by developing a resume, we recommend that you first determine in what market you want to compete  in other words, what you want to do next. Coming up with this objective is often the toughest part of the process. Once you can articulate your objective, take time to research your intended market and develop a marketing plan including a target list.  Also do research to determine what the "buyers' needs" are and clarify your relevant attributes and experience. Your marketing materials (resume, story, etc.) can thus be developed to attract the intended employers and frame your background appropriately. Then you will be ready to connect to the channels of the job search. You will use your limited time wisely if you consider the effectiveness of each channel in relation to your unique search. Once you have your foot in the door, it's time to sell in interviews and in the offer and negotiation stages.

ACS counselors are available to help with any stage of the job search process. Contact us for more information or to set up a free one-on-one appointment.

Begin Your Search: The road to finding the right job starts with the answer to the question "What are you looking for?"

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