Darden and UVA Networks

Darden and the University of Virginia upgraded their alumni directory platforms: the Darden Community and HoosOnline (in 2013).  Both of these resources can serve as powerful networking and job search tools. 

The Darden Community allows you to search for fellow alumni by a combination of fields including: graduation year, geographic location, current and/or past employer, industry, job function and job title.  For this resource to continue to be useful, it is important that you keep your own profile current.

You may also access UVA's HoosOnline; this directory allows you to search alumni of the greater UVA population by name, geographic location, class year, degree, school, and major.  Within HoosOnline, you have access to The University Career Assistance Network(UCAN)  (under the "Career Tools" tab).  UCAN is comprised of more than 23,000 UVA alumni who have volunteered to assist fellow Cavaliers seeking career assistance.  (Don't forget to become a career contact on UCAN too!)  The "Social Tools" tab also provides you with the ability to join groups, post on message boards, and share opportunities to connect exclusively with fellow UVA alumni. 

You must complete first-time registration to access the resources available on the updated Darden Community, including Darden alumni search functionality.  To register, follow the instructions below:

  • Contact Alumni Services at +1-434-243-8977 or dardenalum@darden.virginia.edu to obtain your access code.
  • Go to Darden Community and click on "Register Now."
  • Enter your first name and last name and click "Find."
  • Select your name and click "Next."  If your name is not listed, contact Alumni Services at: +1-434-243-8977 or dardenalum@darden.virginia.edu for assistance. 
  • Enter your access code. 
  • Verify your information, establish a password, and review and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

For video tutorials on how to search the directory, change your password, update your profile, etc. visit here.

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