Social Media

Online Networking, also known as Social Networking, has gained enormous popularity and professional credibility in recent years.  Most alumni belong to a growing number of online communities and actively participate in social networking.  Social media tools simply allow us to connect to others; however, the wide range of options today make using social media effectively anything but simple.  Social media tools range from blogging to broad professional networks such as LinkedIn and personal networking sites such as Facebook. 

Developing a comprehensive social media strategy can benefit professional growth and greatly enhance your traditional networking efforts.  A comprehensive strategy could include any of the following: 

  •  Blogs 
  •  Twitter (or ‘micro-blogging’) 
  •  LinkedIn
  •  Facebook 
  •  Affinity Groups (usually based on industry, profession or geography) 
  •  e-Newsletters
  •  Articles 
  • CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management for your personal contacts)

The key to using social media successfully is to have a strategy and to ensure that the tools you choose are used in a relevant and complementary way.  When conducting a job search the value of appropriately targeted social media is invaluable.  ACS has partnered with Jason Alba author, blogger and social media expert to provide Darden Alumni with two video learning series;  Simply create your  free account using your Darden Email for life address and you'll gain access to the licensed videos:

  • Social Networks for Job Seekers  covers the basic topic "What is Social Networking" with descriptions of blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etc., as well as why and how should a job seeker use social networking.
  • LinkedIn  includes an "Introduction to LinkedIn for Job Seekers" and an in-depth guide to relevant LinkedIn Profiles as well as guidance on many other LinkedIn features such as Recommendations, Searching for contacts, joining Groups, and Asking/Answering Questions.

For questions or technical support regarding these videos please contact the Armstrong Center for Alumni Career Services.

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