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Work + Life Fit: Finding the Fit That’s Right for You by Cali Williams Yost includes strategies and practical approach on how to establish personal boundaries at work.  Whether you’re looking for less hours, more flexibility or just more predictability, this book helps people see the possibilities, ask for what they want and make it work. Check out Cali’s blog at

Getting It Right by Stanford University psychologist Dr. Laraine Zappert draws upon her 20 years of clinical and research experience and a survey of more than 300 women who have graduated from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business to address the questions surrounding how working mothers successfully manage life, family, and career. Dr. Zappert has incorporated case studies from hundreds of women professionals in each chapter to create a road map of innovative solutions.

Sequencing by Arlene Rossen Cardoza was published in 1986, but can still be relevant.  Cardoza presents one strategy on how a woman might manage both career and family. In her scenario, timing is the key, and the requirement is a husband who works full time at a job adequate for family needs. In "sequencing" the well-established career is followed by a period of years of home-based mothering, with a subsequent return to career. Planning for career reemphasis is particularly stressed and perhaps is the book’s most valuable aspect.

What’s Happening to Home: Balancing Work, Life and Refuge in the Information Age by Maggie Jackson explores how technology has blurred the boundaries between work and home.  The author reflects on values worth preserving and how various people have dealt with this new world.

FlexJobs: Your Work, Your Life, Your Way by Nancy Collamer is an updated and expanded guide to the world of flexible work and is available for instant download for just $14.95. Click here for more information.

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