Initiative for Business in Society

Founding Support for Darden's Initiative for Business in Society (IBiS)



Kevin Sharer, chairman and
chief executive officer of Amgen

The University of Virginia Darden School of Business announces that biotechnology pioneer Amgen and leading global security company Northrop Grumman Corporation have provided founding support for Darden’s new Initiative for Business in Society (IBiS). The research Center of Excellence will explore business’ role in society and the issues that affect the dynamics between business, government and society.

“The Global Financial Crisis and Great Recession have shown businesses a very different environment — one that is likely to persist for years, and in which government will play a significant role,” said Darden’s Dean Bob Bruner. “We believe that it is not sufficient simply to focus on business-government relations, for government is but the conduit for society’s concerns. We must shape a conversation within the profession of management and a research agenda that are not just about government, but about the deep forces of change within society, to which governments and businesses must attend.”

IBiS will look over the horizon at forthcoming issues and will explore how government and business can work together toward common goals, such as addressing risks and creating value for society. IBiS is the first center of its kind at a leading global business school to focus on the intersection of business and society in alliance with global corporations, with the aim of restoring long-term trust in business as a force for social good. IBiS will prepare emerging and established leaders to better understand how business and society come together and equip these leaders with the skills they need to navigate and deliver impactful value in an increasingly complex world.

Amgen and Northrop Grumman leadership will serve on the IBiS advisory committee, along with additional founding supporters. The advisory committee, with Dean Bruner and Darden’s faculty, will identify an agenda and the most pressing issues for IBiS, develop a suite of activities around them and advance new knowledge to shape business practices. IBiS will develop new case studies that will be published by Darden Business Publishing and used in classrooms around the world. The center will develop new courses and programs and host conferences and events with a wide range of leaders that will collectively provide insights, strategies and leading practices.


  Wes Bush, chairman,
chief executive officer
and president of Northrop Grumman

“The corporate support and close collaboration of Amgen and Northrop Grumman will provide a critical connection to two key industries, biotechnology and global security, and amplify the center’s sphere of influence,” said Dean Krehmeyer, who was appointed executive director of IBiS in November 2011, when the center was officially launched. “The support of these companies — and the others that join the effort — will dramatically increase the center’s ability to develop activities and knowledge that will have a positive, real-time impact for business, government and society.”



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