From Classroom 160 to the Clawson Classroom

Classroom 160 at the Darden School of Business now boasts a new name: the Clawson Classroom.

The classroom dedication was made possible by a gift from Darden alumnus Henry Skelsey (MBA ’84), who is co-founder and managing partner of PRC Venture Partners LLC and former chairman of the Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees. Skelsey asked that the classroom be named for Darden Professor Jim Clawson, whose lessons he draws from every day.

“Not knowing or fully appreciating it at the time, 27 years later, I now look back at Jim’s organizational behavior class and realize it was the most important and lasting class that I took during my time at Darden,” said Skelsey.

Professor Clawson’s family joined him at the dedication in January. He teaches in Darden’s Full-Time MBA program, doctoral program and Executive Education. Dean Bob Bruner introduced Clawson and praised him for “his commitment to the Darden Community and his example and service.”

Clawson dedicated the honor to everyone who makes the learning experience possible: to the teachers who stay up late reading papers and grading exams, to the people who clean the chalkboards and prepare the classrooms and the course packets, and, of course, to the students.

“This award,” said Clawson, “is for those who walk into the classrooms, sit down, open up their laptops, open up their notebooks and open their hearts and minds, hoping for something good to happen.”

As teachers, he added, “We really don’t know as students leave the classroom if they took the message we hoped they would take, or the opposite message, or nothing at all. So imagine, last October, when Henry Skelsey appeared in my office and announced his intentions. I felt a combination of gratitude and shock.”


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