Priority 3: Infrastructure, Experience & Technology

To remain one of the world’s outstanding graduate business schools throughout the 21st century, Darden must enhance its physical space and embrace trends in information technology with the goal of providing the best academic experience possible. The School must upgrade its existing facilities to meet the growing demand for Darden’s programs and build cutting-edge technology into every classroom and learning experience.

Bringing the World to Darden,
and Darden to the World. 

Learn more about Darden's progress: Click on the image to see the full-sized infographic:


While Darden has made strides in the area of technology, particularly in the production of multimedia cases, future generations of students and faculty will come to Darden from environments immersed in digital technologies, and they will expect the School to be a leader in technological innovation. They will expect mobile applications to enhance the curriculum, video conferencing and other leading-edge video technologies.

Within this priority, we seek funding for:

  • Audiovisual and Video Conferencing Technology
  • Digital Teaching Materials

 Learn more about giving opportunities for Infrastructure, Experience & Technology. For more information, contact the Office of Advancement at +1-434-924-6576.

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