Meet Recent Scholarship Recipients

Julie Abell

Julia Abell
(MBA '12)

Julia wants to help companies reduce their environmental impact and incorporate sustainable principles into all aspects of their business. Read more

William Gordon Jr

William Gordon Jr.
(MBA '12)

William is on a mission: to increase representation of minorities and people in marginalized communities at business schools and in theranks of management. Read more

Ronny Rowell

Ronny Rowell
(EMBA '12)

Ronny has a passion for leading, so it's no surprise that he joined the Marines after graduating from the United States Naval Academy. Read more


Matthew Lawson
(MBA ’11)

After two tours of duty in Iraq as a communications officer, Matthew, who holds a master's degree in electrical and computer engineering, applied to business school. Read more


Jenifer Andrasko
(MBA ’10)

Jenifer flew the T-34C, C-12 and P-3C as a Naval aviator before coming to Darden. Read more

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