Meet Ronny Rowell

Ronny Rowell (EMBA '12)Ronny Rowell (EMBA '12) has a passion for leading, so it’s no surprise that he joined the Marines after graduating from the United States Naval Academy.

Born and raised in Anaheim, California, Rowell served as a U.S. Marine Corps infantry officer, and his experience in Iraq matured him quickly and earned him a Bronze Star.

"I started the deployment with 25 Marines. Of those Marines, three were killed and 17 were awarded purple hearts. Next to my wife and children, there has never been a greater honor in my life than leading those men," he says.

After the Marine Corps, he joined DaVita Inc., one of the country’s largest independent dialysis providers; he now serves as regional operations director based in Dallas, Texas.

Rowell sought an MBA for Executives program to increase his business skills and value. The recipient of a Gould Incorporated Fellowship, he chose Darden because of the school’s honor code, strong history and national ranking. "When not even a full year into the program," he says, "I was given a promotion that I would not have been considered for without it."

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