Stay Engaged

Stay Engaged

Darden is committed to providing you, our alumni, with many different ways to stay engaged with the Darden community. There are five major areas of engagement: affinity groups, alumni chapters, alumni education, reunion and impact Darden. All of these areas offer both informal and formal opportunities; short and long term commitments. We want 100% of our alumni engaged with Darden. Contact Cathy Pales if we can help you get started and stay engaged.

Alumni Board of Directors       
Michael Woodfolk, Senior Executive Director, Engagement Strategies 

Class Secretaries                     
Shaele Culbreath, Director, Alumni Services

Class Agents                             
Samantha Hartog, Director, Annual Fund

Chapter Leaders                       
Cathy Pales, Director, Alumni Engagement

Reunion Committees                
Shaele Culbreath, Director, Alumni Services

Admissions Volunteers
Katherine Alford, Assistant Director, Admissions

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