Behavioral Research at Darden

2011 Articles

Ovchinnikov, A. (2011). Revenue and Cost Management for Remanufactured Products. Productions and Operations Management Society, 1-17. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Read, D. and Grushka-Cockayne, Y. (2011). The Similarity Heuristic. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 24 (1), 23-46. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Werhane, P. H., Hartman, L., Moberg, D. J., Parmar, B., Englehardt, E., & Pritchard, M. (2011). Social Constructivism, Mental Models, and the Problem of Obedience. Journal of Business Ethics, 100 (1), 103-118. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Behfar, K. J., Mannix, E. A., Peterson, R. S., & Trochim, W. M. (2011). Conflict in Small Groups: The Meaning and Consequences of Process Conflict. Small Group Research, 42 (2), 127-176. * Winner of Best Paper published in 2010-2011, Small Group Research. [Abstract] [Request Article]

B. Cadman, M.E. Carter, and L.J. Lynch. (2011). Executive pay restrictions: Do they restrict firms’ willingness to participate in TARP? Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 39 (7) & (8): 997–1027. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Morris, S.M. and Snell, S.A. (2011). Intellectual capital configurations and organizational capability: An empirical examination of human resource subunits in the multinational enterprise. Journal of International Business Studies, 42 (6): 805–827. [Abstract] [Request Article]

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