Behavioral Research at Darden

2012 Articles

Venkataraman, S., Sarasvathy, S. D., Dew, N. and Forster, W. (2012). Whither the promise? Moving forward with entrepreneurship as a science of the artificial. Academy of Management Review37(1): 21-33. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Ovchinnikov, Anton and Joseph Milner. (2012). Revenue Management with End-of-Period Discounts in the Presence of Customer Learning. Production and Operations Management21(1): 69-84. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Venkatesan, Rajkumar and Paul W. Farris. (2012). Measuring and Managing Returns from Retailer-Customized Coupon Campaigns. Journal of Marketing 76(1): 76-94. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Martin, Kirsten and Bidhan Parmar. (2012). Assumptions in Decision Making Scholarship: Implications for Business Ethics. Journal of Business Ethics 105(3): 289-306. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Wicks, Andrew C., Adrian Keevil, Bobby Parmar. (2012). Sustainable Business Development and Management Theories: A Mindset Approach. Business and Professional Ethics Journal 31 (3) & (4): 375-398. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Jill Avery, Thomas J. Steenburgh, John Deighton, Mary Caravella. (2012). Adding Bricks to Clicks: Predicting the Patterns of Cross-Channel Elasticities Over Time.  Journal of Marketing 76(3): 96-111. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Lichtendahl, K., Chao, R. and Bodily, S. (2012). Habit Formation from Correlation Aversion. Operations Research 60(3): 625-637. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Steenburgh, Thomas J., and Michael Ahearne. (2012). Motivating Salespeople: What Really Works. Harvard Business Review 90(7): 71-75. [Abstract] [Request Article]

L.J. Lynch and S. P. Williams. (2012).  Does equity compensation compromise audit committee independence? Evidence from earnings management. Journal of Managerial Issues 24(3): 293-320. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Kang, S.C., Snell, S.A., and Swart, J. (2012). Options-based HRM, intellectual capital, and exploratory and exploitative learning in law firms’ practice groups. Human Resource Management 51(4): 461–485. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Avery, Jill,and Steenburgh, Thomas J. (2012). Target the Right Market. Harvard Business Review 90(10): 119–123. [Abstract] [Request Article]

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