Behavioral Research at Darden

2013 Articles

Sarasvathy, S. D., Menon, A. R. and Kuechle, G. (2013). Failing firms and successful entrepreneurs: Serial entrepreneurship as a temporal portfolio. Small Business Economics 40(2): 417-434. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Harmeling, S. S. and Sarasvathy, S. D. (2013). When Contingency Is a Resource: Educating Entrepreneurs in the Balkans, the Bronx, and Beyond. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice37(4): 713–744. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Kraft T., F. Erhun, R. Carlson, D Rafinejad. (2013). Replacement Decisions for Potentially Hazardous Substances. Production and Operations Management 22(4): 958-975. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Raz, G., Druehl, C. T. and Blass, V. (2013). Design for the Environment: Life-Cycle Approach Using a Newsvendor Model. Production and Operations Management22(4): 940–957. [Abstract] [Request Article]

James, E. H. (Forthcoming 2013). Crisis Leadership: The new norm for effectively leading organizations. In E. Elsbach, D. Kayes, and A. Kayes (Eds.) Contemporary Organizational Behavior in Action.  [Abstract] [Request Article]

Ovchinnikov A., Raz G., and Blass V. (Forthcoming 2013). Environmental and Economic Assessment of Remanufacturing Strategies for Product-Service Bundles. Production and Operations Management. [Abstract] [Request Article] 

Sarasvathy, S. D. and Dew, N. (Forthcoming 2013). Without judgment: An empirically-based entrepreneurial theory of the firm. Review of Austrian Economics. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Krass D., Ovchinnikov A. and T. Nedorezov.  (Forthcoming 2013).   "Environmental Taxes and the Choice of Green Technology." Production and Operations Management. [Abstract] [Request Article]

Way, S. Tracey, J.B., Fay, C. Wright, P.M. and Snell, S.A.  (Forthcoming 2013).  Validation of a multi-dimensional HR flexibility measure, Journal of Management. [Abstract] [Request Article]

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