Batten Institute

Batten Leadership

The programs and activities of the Batten Institute would not be possible without the support and leadership of its dedicated professionals.


Sean Carr
Executive Director and Assistant Professor
BA, Northwestern University; MS, Columbia University; MBA, University of Virginia
Ph.D., University of Virginia

Michael Lenox 
Academic Director and Associate Dean 
Samuel L. Slover Research Professor of Business Administration 
BS, MS, University of Virginia; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Gayle Noble
Office Manager
Pan American Business School

Debbie White
Associate Director of Operations
BA, University of Virginia; MA, George Washington University

Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Philippe Sommer 
Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
Director, Darden Incubator
BA, Amherst College; MBA, Columbia University 

Kathryne Carr
Director, i.Lab Incubator
BA, Alleghany College

MJ Dougherty Toms 
Associate Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
BA, Williams College; MBA, Yale University 

Veronica McMillion
Special Projects Manager
BA, University of Virginia

Shivon Scott
i.Lab Program Manager
BS, Cornell University; MS, Rutgers University

Research Division

Erika Herz
Director of Intellectual Capital
BA, Wellesley College
MBA, Darden School of Business

 Malgorzata "Gosia" Glinska 
Senior Research Associate
BA, University of Gdansk, Poland; MA, Boston University; MFA, University of Virginia 

 Amy L. Halliday 
Researcher and Managing Editor, Batten Bulletin
AB, Brown University; MPhil, Oxford University

 Andrew King
Senior Research Associate
BA, The University of the South; MS, Oxford Brookes University 

Strategic Initiatives and Outreach

Joyce Smaragdis 
Associate Director of Outreach
BA, University of Virginia; MA, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 

Derry Wade
Assistant Director
AB, Smith College; MA, University of Virginia

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