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Bio: Cindy Collier, CPA, ABV, CVA, is CEO and founder of Valuation Solutions in Columbus, Ohio. With more than 25 years of experience in the health care field and more than 15 years of full-time professional valuation experience, Ms. Collier provides valuation and strategic financial-management-consulting services to health care providers throughout the United States. Her services focus on health care business valuation, fair market valuation of physician services, fairness opinions, arbitration and mediation, mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis and research, strategic management, physician integration, purchase and/or sale of medical practices and hospitals, and litigation support. Ms. Collier’s clients include a variety of physician practices, university and community hospitals, medical device companies, health care technology companies, medical service providers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, integrated delivery systems, professional associations, attorneys, consultants, and managed-care payers.

Ms. Collier speaks nationally and internationally on a variety of topics related to business valuation and strategic management in the health care industry. She serves as a technical reviewer and national faculty member for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. She is also an adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a visiting scholar at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, department of finance. She serves as a center scholar in the Center for HOPES at the Ohio State University School of Medicine. In addition, she is a guest lecturer in the Duke University Medical School.

Ms. Collier earned a B.A. with distinction from the University of Virginia, a master’s in health administration from Duke University, and an M.S. in accounting from the University of Virginia. She serves on numerous boards and committees in the health care, accounting, and finance industries.

Expertise: Innovative Perspectives on the Health Care Systembusiness valuation and strategic management in the health care industry


Fellowship Focus: During her fellowship, Cindy Collier will collaborate with her faculty hosts, Patricia Werhane and Michael Moore, on research and casework related to the health care industry. Their collaboration will include the development of an elective course in health care management for students interested in the health care industry, health care finance, public policy, ethics, and economics.

Ms. Collier will also coauthor a paper with Professor Werhane on the role of valuation in the ethics and economics of health care from a systems perspective. This paper will extend Professor Werhane’s previous work with Batten Fellow Mary Rorty, adding a more clearly defined economic dimension. Ms. Collier will also write a case with Professor Moore on health care valuation.

The outcomes of this fellowship will help identify and address some important issues in the U.S. health care system. Much has been written about health care economics, ethics, payment, delivery, and public policy. Almost none of this work, however, deals with these issues systemically or makes proposals that are both systemic in scope and innovative in approach. Ms. Collier and her faculty hosts will think in terms of practical and innovative interdisciplinary perspectives that should make a lasting contribution to the health care field.

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Appointment: 2002–2003

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