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Bio: Danny Miller is Chair in Family Enterprise and Strategy at the University of Alberta and Research Professor at HEC Montreal. He has served as a Visiting Research Scholar at Columbia University, Visiting Professor at McGill University, and the University of Alberta, and has served on the faculty of McGill University. He has also consulted with major international corporations and consulting firms.

His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council, the Federal Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce (Canada), and private industry.

Professor Miller has served on the editorial boards of many journals and has published over 120 articles in a variety of academic and business publications. His most recent book, Managing for the Long Run: Lessons in Competitive Advantage from Great Family Businesses, co-written with his wife, Isabelle Le Breton-Miller, was published by Harvard Business School Press in 2005 and has been translated into five languages. Miller has written five other books, including The Icarus Paradox and The Neurotic Organization, which have been translated into eight languages.

He is part of the ISI Web of Knowledge Highly-Cited List in Business and Economics, a list of the top 0.5% most-cited researchers internationally for two decades. He was elected to the Academy of Management Journal’s Hall of Fame, authored two of the ten most-cited Academy of Management Journal papers in the 40 year history of AMJ, and received the Strategic Management Society’s Wiley Award for the most significant article published in the Strategic Management Journal from 1980-1990. He is also listed in the Canadian Who’s Who. He was awarded the Glueck Best Paper Award of the Academy of Management, the Academy of Management Journal Best Paper Award for 1996, and the Journal of Management Best Paper Award for 2001.

Expertise: Innovation in Strategy Practices and Pedagogyompetitive strategy, organizational change, leadership, corporate governance, and family business


Fellowship Focus: During his Batten Fellowship, Danny Miller will collaborate with faculty host Ming-Jer Chen on research related to practice and pedagogy in the area of strategy. Their research projects will focus on the synthesis of Eastern and Western management practices as it affects innovation and on the issues faced by the strategy field in relation to research and teaching.

The first project, a study of East-West integration, is targeted for business audiences and will result in an article for publication in a management journal. The article will explore ways that Eastern and Western management practices might be integrated at the strategy level. The synthesis of American and Chinese strategy represents the essence of innovation, as it breaks the molds on both sides.

The second project will result in a journal article to be based on the voluminous survey data collected by Professor Ming-Jer Chen from 900 strategic management scholars on major research and teaching issues facing the strategy field, as well as issues concerning development of the field as a whole. The research targets both academic and business audiences and should have implications for business teaching and pedagogy. Some of the issues to be explored concern the use of information technology for innovation in classroom teaching and pedagogy.

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Appointment: 2007

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