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Bio: Heather Wishik is an organization development and diversity consultant with an international practice. She is an acknowledged expert in the design and implementation of organization-wide strategic diversity plans and an experienced facilitator for developing leadership teams and change strategies. She has worked with clients in utilities, financial services, telecommunications, and manufacturing, and with major universities, police departments, and community service organizations. She has been a consultant to Darden since 1999.

She has successfully put into practice numerous change initiatives in organizations, including business unit reorganizations, cultural change incident to mergers, executive development and leadership programs, and strategic diversity training programs. Ms. Wishik is especially skilled in assisting organizations in understanding and articulating how issues of difference are linked to the business moment and to future organizational success.

She graduated summa cum laude from the University of San Diego School of Law and practiced and taught law and law-related subjects for 15 years.

Currently she lives with her partner in Amsterdam and also maintains a home and office on Cape Cod. In the past she lived and attended school for a year in Karachi, Pakistan, and lived and worked for several months in Niger, West Africa. A native English speaker, she speaks French and some Dutch.

Expertise: Exemplary Global Managers 


Fellowship Focus: The focus of Heather Wishik’s Batten Fellowship has been to collaborate with her faculty host, Martin Davidson, on a research project about global management skills. This project involves field interviews with senior executives at major corporations around the world, two papers, two co authored teaching cases, two student workshops, and several public presentations, including one in Amsterdam in spring 2003. The two papers are tentatively titled “Learning to Lead” and “Exemplary Global Managers.” Working titles for two of the teaching cases are “Cambridge Technology Partners-Benelux” and “Wipro Technologies.”

Leading a forum for the Organizational Behavior faculty at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, developing a forum in Europe, and participating in the design of the Darden Diversity Conference are also components of this Batten Fellowship. The European Forum will provide business organizations with clear information about successful globalization strategies, key leadership behaviors that support success in the management of a cross national operations team, and factors to consider when selecting managers for cross-national assignments and when designing career development programs for managers who will eventually be responsible for cross-national operations and teams.

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Appointment: 2001–2002

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