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Bio: Henry Mintzberg is the Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, where he has taught since 1968.

Professor Mintzberg is noted and prolific on managerial work, strategy formation, and forms of organizing. He has written more than 120 articles and ten books, including The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning, which won the Academy of Management’s Terry Award for best publication by a member in 1995, and The Nature of Managerial Work. He is currently completing a book called Managers, Not MBAs and a collection of essays that will be published under the title Managing Quietly.

Expertise: Designing Strategy, Designing Global Management Education


Fellowship Focus: Henry Mintzberg’s Batten Fellowship will have a dual focus: the exploration of strategy as a design process and its implications for the development of strategic thinking, and an examination of MBA education.

During his fellowship, he will also engage Darden faculty in a series of conversations about the future of MBA education. These conversations will be informed by Professor Mintzberg’s experiences in creating and leading an international program for practicing managers offered by McGill University in partnership with four international business schools, and by his forthcoming book, Managers, Not MBAs.

While at Darden, he will also give a presentation to the Darden, UVa, and the Charlottesville community on what he calls the half-truths of management, which include such statements as “We live in times of great change,” “The world is becoming more global,” and “Organizations need heroic leaders.” 

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Appointment: 2003

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Books include:

Managers, Not MBAs: A Hard Look at the Soft Practices of Managing and Management

Tracking Strategies: Towards a General Theory of Strategy Formation

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