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Bio: Howard H. Stevenson is the Sarofim-Rock Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, where he founded the program for entrepreneurial studies, which takes a multidisciplinary approach to the creation and maintenance of an entrepreneurial focus in business organizations. He is also a senior associate dean and director of external relations at Harvard Business School and has served as chair of the publications review board for Harvard Business School Press.

He was a founder and first president of the Baupost Group, an investment management firm. From 1978 to 1982, he was vice president of finance and administration and a director of Preco Corporation, a large privately held manufacturing company.

He has authored, edited, or coauthored six books, including Do Lunch or Be Lunch: The Power of Predictability in Creating Your Future, published by HBS Press. His latest book, coauthored with David Amis and Heinrich von Liechtenstein, is Mentoring in a Network of Success, published by Signum Wirtschaftsverlag. Professor Stevenson has also written 41 articles, which have appeared in such publications as the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Real Estate Review, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Business Strategy, and Strategic Management Journal. He has also authored, coauthored, or supervised more than 150 cases at Harvard Business School.

Expertise: Insights on Global Entrepreneurship: Education, Policy, and Practice 


Fellowship Focus: During his Batten Fellowship, Howard Stevenson will work with his faculty host, S. Venkataraman, to examine the most important characteristics of communities that have enjoyed extraordinary entrepreneurial success. Professor Stevenson has researched history and culture in more than 40 countries over the last two decades and has hypothesized that entrepreneurship flourishes in communities where resources are mobile, excess capital is reinvested in the projects of other community members, members take pride in the success of others, and change is seen as a positive force for economic development rather than an insurmountable challenge.

In addition to expanding on this work, he will share his insights on developments in global entrepreneurship education with the Darden community. As one of the first business school professors to establish an entrepreneurial studies department in the U.S., Professor Stevenson has tracked the rapid changes in business education in general and entrepreneurship education in particular.

Professor Stevenson and Professor Venkataraman will also work with Susan Harmeling, a Darden doctoral student, to produce a case study based on Ms. Harmeling’s experience working in the Graduate Program for Entrepreneurship at the University of Osijek in eastern Croatia. The case will focus on the role of business and entrepreneurship education in transition and postwar economies in the Balkans and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

As part of this fellowship, Ms. Harmeling will conduct video interviews with Professor Stevenson and Professor Venkat on their insights into the challenges for global entrepreneurship educators in the twenty-first century.

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Appointment: 2003

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Books include:

Mentoring in a Network of Success (Signum Wirtschaftsverlag)

Do Lunch or Be Lunch: The Power of Predictability in Creating Your Future (HBS Press) 

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