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Bio: Since March 2001, Jeffrey Trimmer has been the Chairman of the National Initiative for Supply Chain Integration (NISCI), a non-profit trade association of manufacturing companies focused on developing advanced supply-chain-management techniques for multi-tier supply chains. The association funds multi-tier supply chain cost-reduction projects and supply chain research. It also assists in developing supply-chain management education and training. Prior to joining NISCI, He worked for the DaimlerChrysler Corporation from 1987 until his retirement in February 2001. He served DaimlerChrysler most recently as the Director of Operations and Strategy and Procurement and Supply. Other positions he held during his 14-year tenure include General Manager of Business Strategy for International Operations and General Product Manager for Jeep/Truck Operations. Before arriving at DaimlerChrysler, he served in several managerial positions with American Motors Corporation and Ford Motor Company. While at American Motors, he served as General Manager for Far East Operations and was instrumental in the creation of Beijing Jeep Corporation, the first automotive joint venture in the People’s Republic of China.

He earned his M.B.A. in marketing/production from Harvard Business School and his B.S. in industrial management from the Sloan School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He resides in Birmingham, MI, and spends his time golfing and reading. He has served in various positions at the famed Oakland Hills Country Club and was President of the Club during the 1996 U.S. Open. In addition, he has been designated Vice Chairman for Preparations for the 35th Ryder Cup Matches to be held at Oakland Hills in 2004.

Expertise: Management of the Extended Enterprise 


Fellowship Focus: Jeffrey Trimmer’s Batten Fellowship focuses on developing new practical knowledge about management of the extended enterprise, a new and rapidly developing area of business. Specifically, he is utilizing his perspective as a practitioner to critique chapters of faculty hosts Ed Davis and Robert Spekman’s book on the extended enterprise. With his faculty hosts, he is writing a paper, “Linking Supply Chain Management to Corporate Strategy.”

Output from the Fellowship will also result in a two-part case on Chrysler’s acclaimed SCORE program: “Supplier Cost Reductions at Chrysler Group (A)” and “Supplier Cost Reductions at Chrysler Group (B).” With Professor Spekman and Professor Davis, Mr. Trimmer will work on a second case using Chrysler’s Easy-Map tool for a student exercise in supply chain mapping.

He is also collaborating with his faculty hosts on the design of a new Executive Education course on Extended Enterprise Management. Fellowship plans also include interactions with students in Business-to-Business Marketing and Supply Chain Management courses and speaking to the Darden community about the extended enterprise. 

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Appointment: 2002

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