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Bio: John May is the managing partner of New Vantage Group, a Vienna, Virginia-based firm that creates innovative channels to direct private equity into early stage companies. New Vantage Group administers three regional angel funds-the Dinner Club, eMedia Club and the Washington Dinner Club-and has joint ventures with of Washington, DC and the CEO Club of Columbia, MD. In 2003, he created Active Angel Investors, a pledge fund. Over the last 15 years, Mr. May has been an advisor to, or a general partner of, five early-stage venture capital funds. He is an authority on angel investors and is the co-author of the book Every Business Needs an Angel.

Mr. May is vice-chairman of the newly formed Angel Capital Alliance, a program of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, which is an outgrowth of the Angel Organizational Summits, which he co-founded. In the fall of 2002, he was appointed a Batten Fellow at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. In 2003, he co-edited a book and multimedia CD entitled State of the Art: An Executive Briefing on Cutting-Edge Practices in American Angel Investing (Batten Institute). Beginning in January 2004, he became the director of the Northern Virginia Initiative of the Darden School and a faculty member.

Expertise: Angel Investors Program 


Fellowship Focus: The primary focus of John May’s Batten Fellowship is to collaborate with two of his faculty hosts, Darden Professor Susan Chaplinsky and UVa Law School Professor April Triantis, on The Angel Investors Intensive, a program designed to provide individuals interested in angel investing with the management and financial skills to invest successfully in private equity. Mr. May will provide his expert perspective on the angel investing process, including how to fund, negotiate, manage, and exit high-growth private investments. He will provide insight into the mindset, skill set, and current market conditions best suited for seed-stage private company investing. The materials developed for the Intensive will result in cases, multimedia products, topical research, and e-learning materials. Darden students and UVa Law School students will develop some materials for the Intensive, resulting in their receiving credit for either a Darden Business Project or a UVa Law School elective.

In addition to the Intensive program, Mr. May’s Fellowship will involve the development of two academic papers. The first paper is to be included in the Journal of Private Equity, and the second will involve collaboration with his third faculty host, Robert Carraway, and is to focus on operating an incubator from the perspective of a non-entrepreneur.

While an “Angel in Residence,” Mr. May will present to the Darden and UVa Law School communities, as well as to the Charlottesville Venture Group, discussing angel investing from the perspective of both the entrepreneur and the angel. As a Batten Fellow, he will also be involved in teaching in Darden and UVa Law School courses and mentoring Darden and UVa Law School students and Darden Incubator participants. 

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Appointment: 2002-2003  

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Every Business Needs an Angel (co-author)  

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