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Bio: Michel Schlosser is an educator and a consultant who has been teaching at IFL (Sweden), HEC (France), and several other leading academic institutions. His experience is in helping people, teams and organizations learn, change, and grow so that they can better perform, continuously improve, and (as needed) innovate.

As an educator, Mr. Schlosser has experience in the following:

  • Designing, leading, and teaching programs aimed at helping senior executives of global companies develop their capabilities at responsibly led global businesses. Most of these programs have been organized for companies with headquarters in Sweden. One of these programs was a joint program with Darden (The Darden-IFL program). Recently, he designed and ran an innovative executive program with a strong sustainability component (including individual social entrepreneurial field projects) for a Brazilian-owned global company.  In the early 1980s, he was an early adopter and intensive user of PC and spreadsheet technology in the classroom. This enabled him to develop innovative approaches and material. His teaching innovations have been published under the title: Business Finance: Applications, Models and Cases. (FT-Prentice Hall; 1989, 1992, and 2002.)
  • Leading the ITP International Teachers Program—The program of a consortium of major European-based business schools initiated by the Harvard Business School and aimed at helping teachers of management in universities all over the world further their effectiveness as designers and leaders of learning situations.

As a consultant, Mr. Schlosser’s experience is in strategic change management and innovation, i.e., the design and support of major transformational processes for teams and whole organizations.

Expertise: Sustainable and Responsible Global Leadership 


Fellowship Focus: Along with Faculty Hosts Sherwood Frey and Richard Brownlee, Michel Schlosser will conduct research to examine the drivers, risks, and success factors in a sampling of major global companies—they will explore how these companies are addressing the challenges of developing sustainable and responsible global leadership, with the ultimate aim of mapping out the capabilities that business students, managers, and executives need to develop to play a leadership role in today’s global business arena.

The research will lead to a paper for the business executive audience. It will focus on formalizing innovation challenges faced by businesses that simultaneously serve environmental and societal needs in a systemic, globally-oriented way, and will demonstrate how companies deal with such challenges. The research collaboration will also lead to a special topics MBA research seminar at Darden for students at the intersection of sustainability, entrepreneurship, ethics, and global business.

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Appointment: 2008–2009

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