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Bio: During his 13 years at the Boston Globe, Mitchell Zuckoff has been a member of the paper’s investigative Spotlight Team and the national reporting staff. He has contributed lead stories on the September 11 terrorist attacks, the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr., and the Columbine massacre. His experience extends to the field of business as he covered the banking industry during his assignment with the Globe’s business desk. Prior to reporting for the Boston Globe, he worked for the States News Service, The Associated Press, and the Bridgeport Post.

He has received national recognition for his work. He was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize and won the Distinguished Writing Award from the American Society of Newspaper Editors. His other national journalism awards include the Livingston Award for International Reporting, the Heywood Broun Award, and the Associated Press Managing Editors’ Award for Public Service.

He has written Choosing Naia: A Family’s Journey and Judgment Ridge: The Story of the Dartmouth Murders with Dick Lehr. The latter is scheduled for publication in the spring of 2003. Additionally, he has signed with Random House to author a book on the life of Charles Ponzi, which will be published in 2005.

He earned an M.A. in journalism from the University of Missouri, where he was the O.O. McIntyre Fellow in Journalism and the recipient of the journalism department’s Graduate Student Teaching Award. He graduated with a B.A. from the University of Rhode Island.

Expertise: Idea Entrepreneurs, Business Fads, and Business Scandals 


Fellowship Focus: Outputs from Mitchell Zuckoff’s Batten Fellowship will include projects with Darden faculty on business trends and the role of the media in promulgating them. Specific projects include two academic papers. One will focus on the flow and content of information about business practice and their influence on investment activity and will build on prior work by his faculty host, Greg Fairchild, on management fashions. The second paper will focus on the influence of business scandals on investor confidence consumer confidence, and the esteem of business managers. A further result from the Fellowship will include research and discussion with Darden faculty for the development of a book about Charles Ponzi.

Mr. Zuckoff’s research projects, both the book on Charles Ponzi and the collaborative research on management fads, explicitly relate to the process of innovation and change. Although the example in the book is a notorious one, an examination into the process that innovators use to locate, inform, and convince key stakeholders about innovations is a central tenet of thought leadership.

Additional output includes writing technical notes based on concepts presented in Managerial Communication lectures and technical notes on the best practices for businesspersons responding to requests for media interviews. Mr. Zuckoff will also write opinion pieces based on concepts developed in the aforementioned academic papers, which will be placed in leading newspapers.

He will also spend his in-residence time at Darden interacting with students for discussions on the topic of the media’s complex interrelationship with business, appearing as a guest speaker in Management Communication courses, and presenting a public lecture on Charles Ponzi.

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Appointment: 2003-2004

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Books include:

Ponzi’s Scheme: The True Story of a Financial Legend (2005)

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