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Tony Golsby-Smith


Bio: Tony is the founder and CEO of 2nd Road, as well as the architect of the tools and methods that lie at the heart of the firm. From consulting and training over the past 20 years, he has broad experience in transforming corporate cultures to become more creative and more open in their thinking and communication.

Mr. Golsby-Smith works primarily at the senior level, engaging executive teams in Strategic Conversations™ and training them in strategic thinking and leadership skills. He is a master of the innovation process and was awarded the prestigious Visiting Chair of Design at Carnegie Mellon University in 1995. He knows how innovation works and can help clients set up environments that breed ideas and design them into better products, services, and processes. His particular area of expertise is designing better information-based products and services.

Mr. Golsby-Smith has an honors degree in English Literature from the University of Sydney as well as postgraduate qualifications. He holds a Doctorate in "Pursuing the Art of Strategic Conversations," which crystallizes the deep, stunning theory of thinking and communicating that undergirds all his work.

Expertise: Using Strategic Conversations to Generate Corporate Innovation 


Fellowship Focus: With Darden faculty host Ryan Quinn, Tony Golsby-Smith will explore conversational methods and tools for executives to help prime the development of strategic innovations. Topics that will inform this international collaboration (Second Road is based in Australia) include conversational practices, visualization, and the integration of conceptual networks with social networks.

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Appointment: 2008–2009

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