Entrepreneurship & Innovation Courses (Second Year Students): January

Building Cultures of Innovation through Effective Leadership (GEN 8439A) One-week January Course
(R. Smelick, Visiting Lecturer)

  • Explore leadership that is highly effective at building cultures of innovation using ten business cases
  • Focus on how leaders can construct environments that encourage employees to search for innovative ways to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, on a daily basis, without external direction and instruction
  • Examine how these environments (“cultures”) can guide both strategic and executive decisions to optimize enterprise performance
  • Discover why innovation is increasingly important, not only to technology companies, but also to companies across a broad spectrum of industries


Entrepreneur as Change Agent (ENTRE 8427) One-week January Course
(G. Fairchild)

  • Understand the challenges entrepreneurs face in effecting change in their environments
  • Appreciate the interaction of forces that foster entrepreneurial action
  • Appreciate the personal competencies required to create change across sectors and students’ own competencies in these areas
  • Understand the factors that interact to create economic value and a personal understanding of the opportunities within these spheres


Leadership & Theatre: Ethics, Innovation & Creativity (ETH 8403A) One-week January Course
(E. Freeman)

  • Build leadership, ethical analysis, and performance skills
  • Better understand and put into practice team building, leadership, and the dynamics of collaborative work
  • Build and enhance your creativity and innovation skills
  • Enjoy reading and performing great theatre

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