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Batten Institute Awards Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Grants for 2011-2012

June 21, 2011 - Thirteen research grants have been awarded to UVA scholars by the Batten Institute, a center for the study and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. Notable among this year’s recipients are several researchers from outside the Darden School. “We’re eager to support talented entrepreneurship and innovation researchers across the university,” said Batten Institute executive director Michael Lenox. “This is the second year that we’ve opened the program to faculty outside Darden, and we’re excited by the interest we’ve seen from numerous schools across UVA.” 

Many researchers beyond the business academy are investigating issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation. UVA’s J. Wilson Newman Professor of Governance David Leblang, for instance, is studying how workers from developing economies contribute, through their employment abroad, to entrepreneurship and venture investing in their home countries. Leblang and others have recognized that, in addition to supporting family members’ basic needs, immigrant workers promote the growth of new businesses at home through the ideas, relationships, and financial resources they acquire abroad. With this year’s Batten grant, Leblang plans to develop and test a theoretical framework that explains this phenomenon.

Another Batten grant recipient for 2011-2012 is UVA law professor Christopher Sprigman, who received funding to conduct experimental research on the relative value of incentives for creative output.  Sprigman, who specializes in intellectual property (IP) law, previously found that IP transactions are not governed by the “rational actor” model but are instead subject to consistent and predictable biases and errors; those who create goods, for example, are more likely to overvalue them. Sprigman now proposes to explore in more depth how creators value their work and to test the effects of IP law on the creative process.

“In addition to these compelling projects from other parts of the university, we continue to see many robust proposals in entrepreneurship and innovation from researchers at Darden,” said Sean Carr, the Batten Institute’s director of intellectual capital. Among this year’s grant recipients are Darden’s Yael Grushka-Cockayne, who intends to develop a method for assessing the performance of R&D and new-product-development projects; Saras Sarasvathy, who is working with a consortium of researchers to develop a detailed view of equity arrangements in new and growing ventures; and Raul Chao and Elena Loutskina, whose ongoing work examines the balance between the exploitation of existing technologies and the exploration of new technologies in a firm’s portfolio of innovation projects.

Proposals for the Batten Institute research grant program are reviewed each spring by a committee that includes members of Darden’s Research and Course Development Committee and the Batten Institute’s leadership. Researchers may use the grants—$10,000, on average—to cover research-related expenses such as data collection, research assistance, and travel.  Grant recipients are expected to produce papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals as well as conference presentations and books for both scholarly and business practitioner audiences. 

2011-12 Batten Research Grant Recipients


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