The Institute supports a diverse portfolio of research initiatives in entrepreneurship and innovation. Current initiatives address five topics of critical importance to society:


Entrepreneurial Finance

Faculty Leader: Susan Chaplinsky

Financial capital plays an important role in launching and growing most entrepreneurial ventures. However, robust data on financing events and investor networks for businesses is scarce as most companies are private and face limited reporting requirements. The Batten Institute's Entrepreneurial Finance Initiative takes a rigorous approach to developing data and analyses that explore how entrepreneurs in public and private business build investor networks and finance their operations.


Entrepreneurial Innovation and Sustainability

Faculty Leader: Andrea Larson

Global concerns about sustainability have resulted in a wave of new products, processes, technologies, markets, and ways of organizing business - inside firms, through supply chains, and across vast networks of stakeholders. The Batten Institute's Entrepreneurial Innovation and Sustainability Initiative focuses on the mechanisms by which entrepreneurship and innovation can simultaneously drive a firm's market success and discover solutions to critical societal challenges.



Entrepreneurship Education

Faculty Leader: Saras Sarasvathy

Recent decades have brought an explosion in activity in the field of entrepreneurship education with the number of US colleges and universities offering courses related to entrepreneurship growing from just a few in the 1970s to over 1,600 today. Yet no consensus has been reached on how entrepreneurship should be taught or even whether the existing programs are having the desired impact. This initiative seeks to illuminate effective strategies for teaching entrepreneurship and to better understand the outcomes of these programs.


Innovation and Growth

Faculty Leader: Edward Hess

Shrinking markets, unrelenting competition, and swiftly evolving technologies challenge the vitality of every business enterprise, large and small. This initiative examines how innovation can be the engine for sustained, internally generated business growth.



Entrepreneurship in Emerging Domestic Markets

Faculty Leader: Greg Fairchild

New businesses are crucial for sustained economic development. This initiative supports research projects focused on entrepreneurs and the ingredients of entrepreneurship: seed-stage capital, mentors, sound social institutions and a culture that welcomes new ideas and educates and supports those who pursue them.



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