University of Virginia Investing Conference

The Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management presents the

7th Annual University of Virginia
Investing Conference (UVIC)
Investing in Innovation

13-14 November 2014 | Darden School of Business  

2014 UVIC

As disruptive innovation shakes up industries at an accelerating pace, investors must excel at identifying true innovation and understanding its investment implications.

As macroeconomic winds subside, paving the way for global economic growth, investors worldwide are growing more optimistic about future market returns.

One key driver of growth is innovation. Since World War II, some of the most successful investors have identified and invested wisely in what 20th century economist Joseph Schumpeter coined "creative destruction" – the process by which the new displaces the old, whether it's technology, products, production processes, markets or organizations.

With every economic recovery, executives and entrepreneurs argue that their new products will revolutionize an industry. Will they?

At UVIC, Darden's top-ranked faculty will convened global thought leaders and hundreds of professional asset managers. We asked:

  • What factors will drive future growth?
  • What do the answers imply for the classic tasks of investors: asset selection, portfolio allocation and risk management?
  • Which new products will truly revolutionize an industry?
  • What's ahead in digital health care, cybersecurity, energy, technology and monetary policy?

2014 Speakers


  • Kyle Bass, Chief Investment Officer, Hayman Capital Management, LP
  • Peter H. Diamandis, M.D., Chair and CEO, X PRIZE Foundation, and Co-Founder & Vice Chair, Human Longevity Inc. 
  • Ned Hooper (MBA '94), Founding and Managing Partner, Centerview Capital
  • Nancy Lazar, Partner, Cornerstone Macro
  • Kathy Warden, Corporate Vice President and President, Northrop Grumman Information Systems


Digital Health Care

  • Robert J. Hariri, M.D., Ph.D., Founder, Chair and Chief Scientific Officer, Celgene Cellular Therapeutics
  • Robert J. Hugin (MBA '85), Chair and CEO, Celgene Corporation
  • Samuel D. Isaly, Managing Partner, OrbiMed Advisors
  • Bryan Johnson, Investor & Director, Human Longevity Inc., and Founder, OS Fund and Braintree (PayPal/eBay)



    • Charles R. Cory (MBA/JD '82), Chair of Global Technology Banking, Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated
    • Ned Hooper (MBA '94), Founding and Managing Partner, Centerview Capital
    • John Siegel, Partner, Columbia Capital
    • Michael F. Sola, Vice President and Sector Portfolio Manager, T. Rowe Price

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